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Improved Production Technologies of Vegetables & Spices & Value Addition of Important Horti. Crops

With an aim to create adoption of greater scientific technology in traditional cultivation of vegetables and spices and to promote home scale preservation, a two daytraining on ‘Improved production technologies of vegetables & spices & value addition of important Horti. Crops’ was organized by Central Institute of Horticulture (CIH)

, DAC, GoI, Medziphema on 12th & 13th August 2014 respectively at CIH. The training was imparted to a group of SHG from Lazami village, Zunheboto involved in farming activities.

Addressing the programme Dr. Lallan Ram, Director, CIH, Medziphema emphasized on the importance of improved production technologies in vegetables and spices and to utilize the surplus yield from their farm to make value added products which could be useful for income generation instead of wasting. He also stated that the objective of the training will only be fulfilled if any of the participants implement the technologies learnt after the training programme.

On the first day improved production technologies in tomato, onion, ginger and Naga king chilly were imparted by Mr. Arvind Singh, Technical consultant, Ms. Sentiyangla, Horti. Specialist and Ms. Yongkongtula, Asst. Horti. Specialist, CIH. Practical on lay out, preparation of nursery bed, seed treatment, seed sowing in pro trays, application of manures and fertilizers and transplanting of seedlings in main field were done at CIH farm.

On the second day, hands on demonstration on preparation of Chilly pickle, pineapple squash, tomato sauce and ginger candy were imparted by Mr. Manzar Hussain, Post Harvest Technologist and Ms.Yongkongtula, Asst. Horti. Specialist , CIH, Medziphema. Demonstration on how to read TSS by hand refractometer was also done.

Reading materials on cultivation practices and preparation of value added products were distributed to the entire participant. Feedbacks from the participants were also delivered and expressed their gratitude to the institute for conducting such intensive and practical oriented training programme. Altogether, 20 nos. participants attended in both the training programme.